Relaxation Therapy

Clifftops is now pleased to offer some super special relaxation therapies for your stay.

These will range from Massages

  1. Aroma therapeutic relaxation/Body Revitalize/Swedish/Reflexology/Reiki healing/foot massage/Hotstones and manicures
  2. Craniosacral
  3. We are also introducing advance beauty therapies such as facial treatments/manicures/pedicures/waxing.
  4. Basic pricing
  5. One hour massage/ facials and manicure/pedicure/manicure $140.00
  6. Waxing- brows/underarm/bikini-minimum 30mins or a combination or all of these $70.00

Simply  tell us prior to arrival what you would like while staying at Clifftops and send us an email and then we can book the therapists in.You can have a combination of any of these wonderful relaxing therapies with two wonderful ladies- Jackie Butler ( Craniosacral) and Andrea Perry-Massage/beauty Therapist.

The massage  room is sheer luxury and relaxing and breathtakingly quiet .It is perched right beside the spa pool overlooking Tasman Bay.It is also a quiet room for meditation.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

It’s been around for a while 

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) began evolving from Osteopathy in the 1930’s. The term Biodynamic refers to the interaction and synergy of all body systems and how they inform the function of the body as a whole. 

BCST is a client-led therapy, relying on your body‘s innate ability to pace itself and organise its own systems into their healthiest expression without the application of any external physical force

This supportive, safe and non-manipulative approach means the therapy is very gentle and suitable for people of all ages. 

How we listen to your body

Your practitioner has a finely tuned perception of fluid flow and tissue mobility within the body thanks to hundreds of hours of craniosacral treatment practice and study in anatomy/physiology. This study and practice include mastering the down-regulation of their own nervous system so they are able to hold a safe and neutral presence when listening to your body. 

When a practitioner places hands on your body from this neutral place of perception they are able to palpate areas of inertia, congestion, dis-ease or flow in your systems.  Areas of inertia or congestion occur in response to external and internal forces when our body holds and protects the area so the rest of the body can continue to function. As a client’s nervous system down-regulates, reflecting the presence of the practitioner, their body feels safe to engage its own innate ability to reorganise toward health, to process and release the holding. 

What conditions can be supported by the therapy

With modern day stresses, our nervous systems can become permanently activated in a flight, fight or freeze response. Long term this activated state can trigger inertia and dis-ease in the body. BCST works directly with the nervous system and can support a return to well-regulated and appropriate responses to life’s challenges. In this calm state of being many conditions can be supported including (but not limited to) auto-immune diseases, structural issues, digestive problems, hormonal issues, stress, trauma, disordered sleep, birth trauma, nerve pain, TMJ malfunction, concussion and stroke.

What to expect with your appointment

A treatment session will take approximately one hour beginning with discussion and recording of your health history. Your therapist may suggest a series of appointments depending on your personal health profile.